This series of Intensive Trainings offers a unique opportunity to share exclusive knowledge with those who were among the very first to make this technology “fly”, and, at the end of the day, it enables participants to set up their individual market entry strategy, and start your hot stamping production successfully.

Participants will acquire hands-on experience using highly specialized PHS equipment during the training. At consecutive on-site trainings at the customer’s plant, they will be able to apply this unique experience and skills on their own in-house equipment, and, therefore, will gain the knowledge needed to create a daily PHS production routine that delivers full performance.


Successfully utilizing press hardening technology means staying in control of a unprecedented complex combination of a hot forming and heat treatment operation in a single process step. However, if you do not “hit the target with the first shot”, there is no second chance left.

In our PHS trainings main focus therefore clearly is put on a proper link between material science and process technology, which constitute the core elements of any hot stamping-related knowledge. Contents constitute a well-balanced line-up of theory and practice.

What you get in the course!