Knowledge and Skills:
The master key TO PHS Technology

From Storyline to Practise

Don’t worry, we’ll get you prepared!

For quite some time, we have observed that car manufacturers are becoming noticeably sensitive, critical, and concerned when it comes to latent quality risks associated with the general application of ultra-high strength steel (UHSS), and in regards to press hardened UHSS in particular. For some of them, our PHS trainings were really “eye-opening”. As a consequence, their expectations and requirements regarding supplier quality are becoming increasingly severe. Nobody in the PHS scene dares to imagine what would happen if a PHS part with insufficient quality led to a major recall. Therefore, becoming an approved PHS supplier is evidently more dependent on the know-how and qualifications of the people involved in PHS production than on the production equipment and capacities available.

What about you?
Do you really have all the knowledge and skills?