Compared to press hardening of steel (PHS), hot stamping of Aluminum (PHA) constitutes a completely different story.

This is finally due to the specific hardening mechanism, which leads in both cases to a significant increase in material hardness. While for steel the increase of material strength is affected by a controlled phase transformation, for Aluminum it is precipitation hardening.

As the governing metal physical phenomena and kinetics of both mechanisms are considerably different, integrated heat treatment and forming have to be approached by accordingly different process strategies.

Our Intensive Training in Press Hardening Module AL specifically has been developed to transfer all relevant knowledge and skills needed to perform hot stamping of Aluminum wrought alloys with special focus on automotive body-in-white application.

The technological core of PHA, i.e. the integration of hot forming and heat treatment for alloys EN AW-6082 (AA6082) and EN AW-7075 (AA7075), is explained as well from a materials technology as from a process technology perspective.

Module AL therefore constitutes a 3-day journey from theory to practice covering aspects e.g.

  • Metallurgy and alloy concepts of Aluminum, particularly of Aluminum wrought alloys
  • Metallography, microscopy & mechanical testing
  • Heat treatments of Aluminum vs. Steel
  • Conventional forming strategies vs. PHA + process strategies
  • Influences, selection & adjustment of process parameters
  • Efficient PHA processing and property gradation

“Hot stamping of Aluminum isn’t just a change of material, it’s a change of the whole process approach.”

Steffen Lotz, PHS Trainer

Line-up of learning units in Training Module AL