Intensive Trainings

A place to be for top players in technology!

It is no secret in the international PHS scene that Prof. Dr. Kurt Steinhoff and his team developed many of the ideas which have become common knowledge in hot stamping today, and, made Kassel (GER) an international PHS technology “hot spot”.

After more than a decade, a unique infrastructure has been established around these numerous activities, which could be compared with something between a driving school and a testing ground. Many of those who are currently among the market leaders acquired their practical skills and first experiences in hot stamping here. Numerous core developments in press hardening that finally made it to industrial application started from here.

At the end of the day, our METAKUS Training Center in Kassel (GER) offers excellent conditions for all kinds of knowledge transfer and the advancement of skills in PHS technology, be it in materials & part properties, process setup, and/or manufacturing strategies.

It is not for no reason that most of the international top 
players in press hardening technology have and still continue 
to rely on METAKUS when it comes to preparing their 
valuable specialists for success!