METAKUS possesses a unique research and development infrastructure specifically designed for press hardening, which provides excellent conditions for the development and optimization of

  • Material & component properties
  • Process setup & manufacturing strategies
  • Tryout & prototyping.
© METAKUS, Foto: Andrea Scheffer
© METAKUS, Foto: Andrea Scheffer

The core elements of this infrastructure are instrumented and sensorized press hardening cells that cover a spectrum of typical sample dimensions up to the dimension of full scale series production. This is all flanked by numerous measurement and testing facilities, which enable complete insight into the complex correlation between processing and product properties at every point in time during the entire press hardening process.

This highly specialized PHS infrastructure already makes it possible to make essential impulses in industrial series production. They range from the ideas and methods to the customization of graded product properties (“soft-zoning”), to special coatings for work pieces, tools and dies, all the way to strategies for process monitoring and measures to increase efficiency in press hardening.