From Theory to Practice!
Storyline and Cast

Since 2008, we offer the most widely accepted and successful series of PHS trainings exclusively for selected customers. These trainings are carried out regularly at Metakus, the renowned PHS Training Center in Kassel (GER), or as on-site trainings at the customer’s own PHS facilities.

More than 700 hot stamping specialists from all over the world have participated in this unique training program and have accomplished
almost 2500 full training days, which speaks for itself.

Don’t miss out on the chance to be trained by 
the very people who trained the market leaders!

AP&T, global, since 2015
Audi AG, GER, 2009
AutoUni, GER, 2009
Batz S. Coop., ESP, 2014
Design in Form Fertigungstechnik GmbH, GER, 2017
Eisenmann Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG, GER, 2016
Fagor Arrasate S. Coop., ESP, 2014
Futaba Industrial, CAN + JPN, 2016
General Motors Company, global, since 2014
Gestamp Group, global, since 2013
Haus der Technik, GER, 2008
Hylsa S.A. de C.V., MEX, 2017
Marwood Metal Fabrication Ltd., CND,  since 2014
Metalsa, GER + MEX, since 2011
MUBEA Tailor Rolled Blanks GmbH, GER + USA, since 2013
Škoda, CZE, 2009
Tower International, GER + USA, 2014
Vari-Form, CND, since 2013
Volkswagen AG, global, since 2009
Volvo Car Corporation, SWE, 2016
… and many more!